Thats me... that's what I look like   

Thats me... that's what I look like


How it happened...

On a hot and stormy night, long ago... but not too long ago,  I was born hours after mothers day in a valley north of Los Angeles.  I lived a classic suburban life until we moved to the desert far far far away from home.  There, isolated from civilization with only cactus and rocks to call neighbors, I got into photography.  It was your usual  introduction... making skate videos with friends and shooting punk bands on the weekends.  Eventually I went to school, actually learned what I was doing and graduated with a few awards.

 Life after school was a blur, I was a high school teacher, bought a hot dog stand, moved to Texas, shot small photo jobs, published a book, shot bigger photo jobs, had some crazy assignments, had some close calls, got into directing, shot some commercials, marriage and kids happened along the way plus a few moves to California and back. 

Now I'm married to my dream girl with two lovely daughters.

 I love making pictures for magazines and working with film crews to tell stories.    Lets work together and make a few memories along the way... that's why we got into this in the first place, right?


I never wrote them down or saved them... but I know they're out there.


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